Washer And Dryer Disasters And Solutions

You do not throw away the clothes were destroyed in the wash. The four most common accidents laundry facilities available and how to fix them too soon.

  • Washer And Dryer Disasters And SolutionsWhite clothes turned pink

If you have a mixture of red socks with his load of underwear by mistake, then you know how it can be disastrous. Nobody wants to take a bunch of pink spotted coat of the washer and dryer. For your white clothes to return to its original color, bleach you can buy at your local supermarket, or try washing pink suit with the hottest water you can stand it, with a cap full of bleach. To prevent accidents like this together, consider buying the color of leaves to protect the collector bleeding clothing and keep the original color.

Washer And Dryer Disasters And Solutions

  • Shrinking Clothing

When a sweater, shirt or pants shrink later, all is not lost through the washer and dryer! Do you have a small window of opportunity, they returned to normal size. First, fill a bucket of water at room temperature, then add three tablespoons of soup conditioner. Sauce clothes for 5-10 minutes; This will relax the network. If you remove your clothes, dynamic, and turn them on. Then put them to dry on a towel, and slowly and form a network stretching. Then, the cloth roll with the underwear, so that the fabric absorbs additional moisture. Take another dry towel, clothes laid flat, then stretch and allow tissue remodeling again, and let dry.

  • Washer And Dryer Disasters And Solutionsink explosion

If you accidentally leave the pin goes through the washing machine and dryer, the paint come from anywhere. If this happens and your clothes are dirty, put clothes in a towel and tried alcohol on site. Remove as much paint as you can, and wash clothes. Try to use nail polish. Follow the same procedure as you did with alcohol and wash.

  • Washer And Dryer Disasters And SolutionsFlorists strange towels

If you long to forget your towels in the washing machine, they can start to smell musty. In this case, the best thing you can do is again the wash load. This time, use warm water that you can hold a towel, and add baking soda to get rid of the smell. Avoid using fabric softener because it will only retain odors.

If the laundry disaster, forget, not all is lost. If you follow these steps, you should be able to store your clothes and keep using it for years.