Saving electricity with gas products

 Saving electricity with gas products

Winter is almost clear, which means that the energy consumption and energy rose Commission launched its load shedding plan. Many of us miss power for at least several hours a day, depending on time. In this case, that of alternative energy sources such as gas. The gaseous product to provide more reliable and verifiable sources because you buy them at any time and not have to rely on the monopoly of power.

Gas energy product, you will be able to reduce significantly. Three gas appliances that you can use to get a part of your household.

Saving electricity with gas productsA gas geyser makes a big difference to reduce costs. The heater 12L is able to supply hot water to 12 liters per minute. This type can be sufficient to provide hot water for baths and showers bring standard Geysir home. There is another gas geyser sizes are available from 5L to 20L geyser. It all depends on your family size and household use.

A gas stove with oven is a good way to reduce energy consumption. Cooking much faster with gas stove and oven normally. You can also use a gas stove to boil water, unlike an electric kettle. Heating food above the stove, as opposed to the microwave will not only help you reduce power, but also good for your health. This unit can be installed with a capacity of 9 kg in your home, and there are several options to choose from. Depending on the final use of gas stoves and ovens 9kg bottle up to 3 months.

Saving electricity with gas productsWith a cold day in front of our house we have all heaters to keep us warm. Why not gas? This does not mean the power cord is not impossible. Gas heater is ideal for a standard family house, as quickly heats a room and they called. It has 3 round tiles, ignition, regulators, hoses and 3 heat settings. Gas heating through the body is the absence of oxygen sensor, it is automatically deactivated when the oxygen content not exceeding a safe level. It makes use of a cylinder 9 kg and has wheels for easy movement. This is the perfect way to warm this winter without burning you keep your electricity bill.