refunds of home renovation projects

It is time to move around your home. After some research (or a few home renovation show), you have found your dream renovation, but they are not really practical. Before you give up, check out these projects, changes while putting money in your pocket, if you want.

  • refunds of home renovation projectsQuality development

Greenery person who likes to watch, especially in urban areas. If you beautify your garden a bit when it comes time to sell your house to get more people to drive on a beautiful outdoor tight. Not only will it help you in the long term, but it will help you save immediately. Shrubs can be planted erosion and flood damage right fighting around your home. The trees shading the house, increasing the efficiency of AC 10-50%, saving money on electricity during the summer months. Trees can also help the air quality and noise in the area with potential to block 50% of the sounds you hear are accustomed. A strong tree they also protect against the dangerous storm.

  • Improving the kitchen

If your kitchen has not been renovated for decades, you can certainly enjoy the upgrade. Replace old appliances with energy efficiency saves 20% in energy consumption. When it comes to selling, kitchen upgrade has a return on investment of about 80%. Most people today are looking for a double vanity, walk-in kitchen and dining room.

  • refunds of home renovation projectsAdditional space

The house has an average of just over 1,900 square meters, and now buyers want more. You are at about 2,200 square meters. When you add in some extra space, consider adding a basement, a second story, or even the garage. Just add an extra 1,000 square meters, to increase the selling price of your home by 30%. You can learn to use it, and pay in the long run!

  • Exterior home renovations

If plants are not your forte, and you are interested in a change of more space or what you use every day, how about the resurrection, what is it? Just change the coating can give your home a new look and guarantee a 80% return on your investment when you sell. Think of the steel door! This is the value of all back when you sell your home!