How to connect homes built

Who would have thought that building a log cabin could have as many options? Built a traditional box or designed entirely in a revolutionary way, developed and built for you. You can even buy a plan and special materials, and a number of its own construction.

How to connect homes builtEvent

House Kit is actually – a house in a big box (slightly exaggerated). Kit will be built at home on a construction site in the yard, then disassembled and loaded onto the trailer. This is your property and trucks on your website built around again. While fans of this opportunity to talk down costs and faster delivery critics found “a building that is inherently low easy to participate.”

This package

Another option for log home enthusiasts with an established company specializing in the development and supply of materials for these houses. Unlike the kit, you work with the company to determine the planning and materials. You can also choose (according to the company) to plan and materials, only materials + diet + purchase of drought in work or turnkey construction.

After selecting a plan and materials, the company is responsible for the preparation of the material according to your order and send them to the site for assembly. The house is not mounted, dismantled and put back together and then how it will come with a welcome kit.


For those of you who want to realize the dreams of DIY, there are some online resources and print what you really get along through the many steps to build a cabin. DIY plans means that you are responsible for the purchase of all materials (including the master) are the foundation and the completion of all construction work from scratch to be responsible.

How to connect homes builtFundamental

If you choose to complete the DIY plans, there are some basic steps that will bring the owner of the house opposite.

• Budget: Your plan should expose and development and the cost of home (including materials, transportation, construction, and all the details of the project.

• pre-qualified for a home loan: This is the same type of procedure to finance another house and you can find some lenders who are more experienced in working with credit fortress. Arrange financing before you when looking for teams to design and production.

• Choose a site: if you already have the basis for a future home, working with a broker or developer may be the most effective way to obtain land adapted to their wooden house.

• Project: You can work with an independent production company established designer or Blockhaus offers a number of (often changing) the design of the house.

• Adoption: obtain local building permits are required for the start of construction. Note the applicable building code in your cabin.

• Quotes: You will receive from subcontractors, who works at the actual construction will make offers. (You usually have this information before seeking lenders fund.)

• Finalize plans: evaluation and in the final plan.

• Plan date with the lender.

• Start Time: The start date is also the date of his house preparing your site (foundations, etc.), date to provide the documents and materials and begin with the date of construction of the house itself.