Home builders – old tradition in a new era

Home builders - old tradition in a new eraThe current owners to offer a variety of technologies. Communication devices, the thermostat can be adjusted automatically to the temperature of your home and alarm systems parameters are more efficient and more reliable over time. While some of the latest devices have been published, others not paid much attention. Let us see some of the advances in technology, you can not see.

  • Steam

Cooking method has existed for thousands of years. Sometimes offered as a secondary furnace, steam can be used to manufacture bread to cook the fish whole – and much more preferably, this method for cooking vegetables. The temperature in the tank varies temperatures 212 degrees Celsius to 570 degrees Celsius is the biggest advantage of this speed and efficiency: chicken cooked in a steam oven to 212 degrees defined time compared to the hours it takes two for 20 minutes in a conventional oven,

  • Press the open cupboard and drawer

Imagine. Opposite the kitchen full of cabinets that do not require external hardware you want to know how these when they do not open the handle, which allows you to touch the surface of the door – and it opens automatically. These innovative technologies are also available for drawers, making it easy, the logistics of cooking and cleaning, even negotiate with their hands full. In addition, for a smooth automatic closet and drawer of your kitchen a sleek, futuristic offer!

  • Home builders - old tradition in a new eraCustom kitchen cabinets

Offices are still in the traditional style, but what makes the difference is the last additional features. Depending on your needs, you may decide to take a mini sink and mini-fridge are available with a small food preparation area. Pantry today may be hidden, but elegant, offering more food storage, reducing the number of storage spaces in the large kitchen.

  • Cooling load

Bin is offered in combination with a refrigerator. They enable cold storage and cooler at various locations in the kitchen. Additional storage makes it easier to manage and store different types of food and drinks, food are most commonly used in the tray to cool or keep a small part of the beer fridge.