cooperation with contractor

 cooperation with contractorAdding space or renovating a home is a big job. If you are not good with tools, you will probably need a general contractor to do the job hiring. Here are some tips to help you work well with professionals.

  • Communication

You must have good communication with the project manager of the project at an early stage. This should be a two-way between the two. First you need every look this morning to the next task. Take ten to fifteen minutes before the development of the project and discuss the problems that occurred. Make him feedback on how you think the project to provide a deposit. It is not a mind reader and can not say you are. I have a problem with something he did, if you do not tell your phone number, and asks if it is correct to call or text if you have questions.

  • Take notes

Sometimes I have an idea that you want to give your general contractor, and when you finally get the chance to say that you’ve forgotten what it is to get them. Keep a notebook handy so you can jot down ideas. You can also use your journal to record progress and other valuable information such as product catalog numbers or purchase. Then you can help this writing notes when communicating with your team.

  • Given the changes in writing

Sometimes, changes must be made to your original plan. It would be a structural change, or products that are not available. No matter what, make sure to make changes in writing. If these rates ensure that your general contractor offers exchange before moving forward. Proposals should describe precisely what has changed and give a fixed price for the end of the addition. They both signed a new contract before something is done. This requirement should be in your employment contract before the start of work on the construction or renovation.

  •  cooperation with contractorTry to avoid subsidies

When bidding for the work, the project manager in charge indeterminate can be. One example is a new pipeline bathroom equipment. The problem is not that you do not know the cost, is that the number is lower than the actual cost of the equipment you find yourself sitting can be is. This will go into the budget.

You can eliminate the certificate in its bid for the store in advance. You should be able to tell which parts you want to buy. This will contribute to a more comprehensive agreement and avoid unnecessary excess.

  • Review the work and pay later

If you want to show on the talk foreman of the general contractor, every morning, take the time to visit and see how the work is progressing. Get it for the department, if you have a note of what you meant when you can talk, they want.

You do not have to pay for each project with more than 10 percent. Most companies can obtain the necessary materials on credit and pay the balance when the job is done. You need a payment contract should include where you have to pay a percentage, the job is finished. Final payment should not be made before the project is completed, if you are satisfied with the work.