A New Home for My Bride and I

Home ownership is a wonderful thing. It is one of the perks of being an adult. It says to the world that you own and are responsible for a place of residence. My wife and I had been living in a apartment since we graduated from college. We both have successful careers and feel that is high time that we purchase a home. We have been searching for homes and we narrowed our choices down to two houses. My wife Jenny loves homes with orange county shutters on the windows. She is from Los Angeles. She has her heart set on which house she wants, but I am still not sure.

After Jenny and I graduated from college, we decided to get an apartment together. We felt like adults. At the time, we thought it was the perfect place to live. We found out that we could not be further from the truth. The walls of the apartment were somewhat thin. We could hear all the unpleasant noises in the whole building. We could hear the neighbors arguing, children making noises. and loud music. Sometimes, we could not sleep. Another problem that we had was space. Due to the bad economy, we did not have the luxury of getting a large apartment. We were very cramped.

Jenny and I finally had enough. We knew that we wanted some place else to live. We finally save enough money to move. We did some house hunting and found two affordable houses for us. The first house is a one-story home in the city. The yard is small and has small purchase price. I do not care to much for the house. The second choice is three-story house in a exclusive suburb. It is a little further from our jobs that the first house, but it seems safer. I am definitely considering this choice.