A Blast Freezer For Guaranteeing Food Quality

A Blast Freezer For Guaranteeing Food QualityA tunnel freezer is a device that is very special and unique. In fact, it is used to rapidly freeze food for recording. You have a host of benefits for private and business users. Unlike the slow freezing in a freezer temperatures to go as low as -40 ° C. Inhibition of the normal growth of bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, which makes it much safer for consumption food.

If food in the freezer or fridge freezers, is a slow process and ice crystals in the food. That’s because most of the meat, vegetables and other foods are often frozen water. The time required for freezing foods, more ice crystals is obtained.

Usually, these large crystals cause the cells to explode, and the food of its nutritional value, texture and quality loss. But the shock freezing, ice crystals are not too large and not harm really lock all nutrients, moisture, and the best part is quality. For the needs and demands of users for different manufacturers to meet two types, those suitable for home and those for commercial use.

  • Commercial Refrigeration Explosion

For use in hotels, restaurants, shops, stores, restaurants and other food-related businesses, there are many large capacity machines on the market. The biggest appointment in the versions that trays and carts full of food, can be started quickly and easily freezing in the unit. While this can be expensive, they often have major surgery to overeat and that the quality of customer needs simultaneously.

A Blast Freezer For Guaranteeing Food QualitySome business opportunities actually designed to work best with certain foods. Ice cream shop freezer common, especially after you have just created the formation of ice crystals, which in turn leads to the taste, and especially texture. An ice cream freezer explosion will ensure that you keep the original taste and creaminess.

  • Blast cooling house

Thankfully manufacturers have realized that this type of device is useful not only for large companies but also home users. The main difference is the size and capacity. Many are made crises on top of your desk, while the other, slightly larger, which is designed to be used with them. According against models actually can really help, not used to the best of an area that would otherwise be. Besides food and inhibits the growth of bacteria, they can become so busy mom and dad prepare complete meals in advance. You can also shock freeze the rest to save money.

Whatever your needs, however big or small, there are units that can respond. To protect food against bacteria, fresh longer, and preserving the quality of the freezer is the only way to go. And when used in conjunction with other tools such as vacuum sealer, you can be assured that you are getting phenomenal results.